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At Arrow, we’re always trying out new material.

Slow and steady may win a race or two, but it’s not the way Arrow does business. Often when we’re asked to quote a design, we’re under the gun to come up with something spectacular. Since we were late to the party on this project, we had five days to convince the customer our engineers could save them money with a brand-new design.

the challenge

Hold the Foam

When we saw the waterjet foam log designed for heavy part support, we knew the design wasn’t the problem; it was the foam. The current design was made with 15# crosslink foam, an expensive and overly heavy material. With two logs at the bottom of a knockdown bin, parts would stay separated and supported, but at a high cost and still with a fair amount of side-to-side flex.

Arrow Packaging Solutions created a new packaging method for a company to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.
the analysis & Design

Plastic Makes Perfect

If there’s one thing Arrow engineers know, it’s how to innovate with different types of packaging. In less than four hours, we developed a completely new design using high-density plastic.

We essentially created a semi-hollow log that used significantly less material than the foam, supported the product just as well (if not better), weighed 40% less, and had zero deflection side-to-side.

Arrow Packaging Solutions designers will work with you to create an effective packaging solution for businesses.
the results

Give Us Five

Arrow went from introduction to prototype in record time and full test pack just five days after that. The product passed with significantly better results than the foam design. We were projected to save the customer over $300,000 by introducing the right product for the right application.

Unbiased, unselfish … just another day at the office.

Arrow Packaging Solutions created a brand new packaging solution for a company to save money with shipping.

By the Numbers

60 %
The Perks of Plastic

When we presented our design we discovered we cut down the production cost by more than half. Using a much less expensive material in a creative way saves our customers money time and time again.

300 k
in customer savings
Right Material, Right Time

Our competitors actually did a good job with the material they knew best, however they don’t typically cross substrate territory lines. They design based on manufacturing core competencies, not wrong for them, but not right for you either. But Arrow ingenuity makes it possible to experiment until we find the right mix to give our customers the results they want.

The Arrow Factor

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