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From top-of-the-line materials to Arrow-patented innovation to industry-busting lead times, there’s so much we offer along with our next-level design and packaging. It’s what keeps our phones ringing and our customers coming back.

So if those other guys are stumped, give us a call. We’ve always got the answer.


Packaging Solutions

We’re proud to have set the bar in custom corrugated packaging, but there’s never been a better time to think outside the box. We solve packaging challenges with foams, tapes, stretch films, steel, wood, plastics, kits, assemblies and more. If we can imagine it, we can make it.


Custom Design

With cutting edge software and seven full-time designers, we’re constantly coming up with innovative structures in our full-service design center. From initial designs to full-scale prototypes, our creations are always custom-made based on your unique needs.


Multi-Segment Manufacturing

We haven’t just perfected this process, we actually invented it. Multi-segment manufacturing means that we don’t just stay in our lane. Unlike box plants that just make boxes, we make boxes, soft returnables, steel racks, you name it. Is it easy to manufacture across the packaging spectrum? No. But it IS the right thing to do for our customers. And that’s what matters.


Quick Lead Times

Your deadlines are our deadlines. Same day, next day … you tell us. While a lead time of 2–4 days is ideal, we will work with you to craft and deliver your products when you need them. We do this without disrupting our schedule (Hot List). We build in capacity to treat your orders as orders with due dates instead of Hot and Disruptive.



Say “sayonora” to inventory management issues. Arrow offers several options and plans that guarantee you will always have product on hand. We’ll gladly shoulder the burden of maintaining your inventory balance so you can focus on business as usual.


High Volume Production

CAD tables. Waterjets. Lasers. We have a full-fabrication arsenal and a plethora of finishing equipment. Arrow is home to the broadest range of in-house capabilities of any packaging provider in the Midwest.

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