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From corrugated packaging and steel racks to full-scale laser and waterjet services, Arrow offers a jaw-dropping array of materials, equipment, and manpower to support your business. We also manufacture every product we produce in-house.

Foam Fabrication

We process all types of foam in-house.

  • Die cutting
  • Waterjet
  • Skiving
  • Laminate
  • Assemble
  • Wire cutting
Arrow Packaging Solutions can help with foam fabrication in order to help businesses with their packaging needs.

Corrugated Packaging

When it comes to corrugated packaging there is no one faster or better at servicing our customers’ needs.

  • Full-service design to delivery
  • Specialty glueing & litho laminating
  • Digital print, 6 color flexographic print, flat die cutting, rotary die cutting, specialty gluing and litho laminating
  • Full-service contract packaging and product assembly at one of the largest on-site assembly operations in the Midwest
If you need corrugated packaging customized Arrow Packaging Solutions design experts can help you.

Metal Racks

We design and build any type of material-moving rack in-house.

  • Laser
  • Break press
  • Powder coat
  • WIP and transfer racks for all
    industries (Automotive /
    Medical / Industrial)
  • Certified welding

See Our Fabrication Process: Click Here 

Wood Crates

Cutting, building, and even certifying as heat treated has become second nature to Arrow.

  • Assembly line mentality
  • Process oriented production
Arrow Packaging Solutions experts can design and build wooden crates necessary for your business shipping needs.

Expendable Packaging

One of the biggest challenges in automotive packaging is having backup expendable packaging for returnables.

  • Multiple CAD tables
  • Fast set-up box makers
  • Built-in capacity for assembly
  • All add up to project turnarounds in hours, not days

Reusable Packaging

We transport inventory between plants with products you’ve never even thought of!

Totes & Dunnage

While we don’t injection mold our own totes, we put dunnage in totes every day.

  • Some customer-supplied, some sourced
  • Fully assembled and labeled
  • Ready for product when we are finished
Arrow Packaging can put dunnage in totes and have done so for many businesses around the country.

Fabric Packaging

While we don’t manufacture these in-house (yet), we have partners that work with us to develop the right solution for our customers.

  • Covers
  • Bags
  • Dividers and more
Arrow Packaging Solutions in Indiana works with partners to create custom fabric packaging solutions for your business.

Thermoformed Packaging

When we say we do it right, we mean it. The right package for the application. Thermoformed packaging can be a very effective solution for many applications that your current supplier can’t and won’t suggest.

Arrow Packaging Solutions can create customized thermoformed packaging for your shipping needs.

Laser Services

  • Full-service flat laser
  • Will cut up to 3/8” thick material
Arrow Packaging Solutions in Indiana an create customized products using our laser cutting services, too.

Waterjet Services

When we say we can cut anything, we mean it. Our waterjet will cut ANYTHING.

  • Full-service waterjet capabilities
  • Foam, steel, plastic up to 6” thick

Archive Boxes and Trays

We manufacture a unique corrugated material to use for library archive boxes and trays across universities and major libraries.

Reach out today to learn more about how our innovation can protect your documents!

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