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If we tell you what’s in the box,
we'll have to ... Ah, never mind.

Welcome to What’s in the Box, a bang ’em up, knock ’em down web series like you’ve never seen before. Every episode, we push our team to the limits and put “Arrow-tough” to the test. Intrigued? You should be. Now, tap that play button and let’s get to it.

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Fabrication Division

Arrow Packaging is truly your one stop packaging source, including in house manufacturing of metal fabricated products, shipping and WIP racks.

Hand Assembly Division

Arrow Packaging Solutions is your premier partner for all packaging needs. Our hand assembly division excels in turning visions into reality, with 150,000 sq ft of dedicated space and a team of over 150 experts. Unlike competitors, we invest in cutting-edge equipment, ensuring precision and efficiency. Our innovative methods guarantee top-notch results. Trust us for all of your packaging needs, or contract packaging for your small parts all the way to your full-size equipment. Join the revolution with Arrow Packaging Solutions – where excellence is standard.

Episode 01

Water-jets, cad tables, PE foam … oh my! Find out if our packing skills are up to par in our premiere WITB episode.

Episode 02

Can $15 hold 7000 pounds? Gosh, we sure hope so. Check out our latest gamble and keep those fingers crossed.

Episode 03

The Crusher. He’s not just your old high school nemesis. Find out how some windshields and a little Arrow muscle stack up to this beast.

Episode 04

The only thing better than a wheel of cheese is a wheel of Walter. Our EVP has been on a roll lately, but this is next level.

Episode 05

Ok, we’re not yolking around this week (never mind the guy in the chicken suit.) We’re pretty sure you’ll crack up at this week’s egg-cellent episode.

Episode 06

We know it’s been a difficult few months. We hope this makes you smile as much as the people (and animals!) in it make us.

Episode 07

What’s seven layers and not a burrito? Watch this episode to find out! Then, get ready to “dunk” on everyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

Episode 08

No chicken suits, no muu-muus…just straight up good design. In this episode, see if our packaging can withstand the dreaded drop test.

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