Challenge Accepted

At arrow, we treat our customers like family.

To us, there’s no bigger compliment than referral business. When one of our customer’s sister plants ran into a packaging challenge, our customer recommended they reach out. After a phone call to walk through the issue, the Arrow team was onsite to help the very next day.

the challenge

Shipping Air

The automotive supplier was only able to fit 6 parts per pack on a seatainer that holds 7 packs (42 total parts per shipment).

The customer had to use tools to put braces on after the load, the pack took up way too much floor space, and at 1200 parts per week, the current supplier could not keep up with the 200 required packs.

the analysis & Design

Nest For Success

We brought the parts back to our design center and hung them from the ceiling to manipulate a vertical stairstep nest. After we verified through customer supplied CAD data that the configuration was possible, we built a wooden crate that would both support and condense the parts.

In one business day, we built a pack that held 9 parts.

Arrow Packaging Solutions can create customized packaging such as the one we created for this automobile parts company.
the results

The 9-Pack Stack

With fewer seatainers holding more parts, more durable packaging, and a decrease in cost for direct handling, our innovative solution made a big impact on our client’s bottom line. How big?

Going from a 6- to a 9-pack solution has saved our clients just about
3.5 million dollars a year.



Arrow Packaging improved efficiencies and reduced costs for an automobile company with our packaging design.

By the Numbers

New Crates, Save on Freight

By customizing wooden crates to support the product in a unique way, the client needed only 952 seatainers, not 1428, to ship 1200 parts per week. This alone accounted for over 3 million dollars in savings.

30 k
Connecting Dots on Labor Costs

By streamlining the number of crates from 200 to 133, we slashed labor costs from $1864 per week to $1240. This adds up to just over $30,000 in direct handling cost savings year over year.

The Arrow Factor

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